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Day 7: Most Attractive Male

Like, really? Is this even a question? 



Totally bombing a storyline, with a General Hospital plot…. while managing to utterly f**k up the opportunity to capitalize on the gift of having one of the top on-screen chemistry duos on TV…

David Lyons: “That’s Kripke”

I wonder if Kripke has been having lunch with Julie Pec.

The holes in this show go on for miles, and it’s sad. Had such potential. There are things that have improved, but things that should never be an issue, are. You can’t stand on two-bit soapy plot, as the device that gives you drama.

I could write a book. I love the show, but never seen a show miss so much potential.

(the only thing that makes this better are his eyes)




Have some Bass


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Bass Before Bed: Fri 13 June 2014


Bass Before Bed: Fri 13 June 2014

ahhh you could write a short little fic about charlie/bass' last shared look, maybe it didn't end there? I wanted more dialogue between the two in the last episode UGH :(



This is definitely the deleted scene that was 100% totally filmed and supposed to be in the episode, but only got cut for time

After Rachel went inside, Charlie shared one last lingering look with Bass before she turned to follow her mother.

She paused in the doorway for a second and looked back over her shoulder to see that Bass was still watching her and didn’t seem at all bothered or embarrassed that she had caught him as he continued to hold her gaze with the tiniest almost smile on his face.

Several long seconds passed before finally Charlie turned fully around and slowly walked towards him.

This was it, if everything worked out they would defeat the patriots. Maybe Monroe had done some horrible things in the past, but they wouldn’t have ever gotten this far against the patriots without him. He could end up dying for this cause. Was it really that bad to, just for two minutes, finally admit to herself how she had grown to feel about him and let it show?

She wasn’t sure of exactly what she was going to do until she was standing right in front of him, her body practically touching his.

Charlie rose up onto her tiptoes and hesitantly brought a hand up to touch his cheek. The whole time Bass stood perfectly still, like he was afraid that if he moved he would scare her off.

Slowly Charlie brought her lips to his and gave him a first kiss and a goodbye kiss all wrapped into one. Each slow and deliberate movement that they made only made the kiss seem that much more right. As his hand moved to her lower back, her arm wrapped loosely around his neck.

Charlie broke away the kiss earlier than she would have liked to, knowing that her mom was probably wondering what was holding her up and could come out looking for her at any moment.

"Do me a favour?" She whispered, her warm breath hitting his lips and making it very difficult for him not to go back to kissing her.

"What is it?" He asked, forcing himself to move his gaze away from her lips and up to her eyes as he loosened his hold on her back.

"Don’t die." She told him before reluctantly removing her right hand from his cheek and her left arm from where it had still been draped over his neck.

He didn’t have time to answer her before she had turned around and walked back inside after Miles and her mother. This time she didn’t look back.


Bass tells Charlie he slept with her mom. :p


OOO nice one! Thoroughly approve!!! This one calls for a nice long angry…..;) I’ll let the prompt do the talking!

"Charlie, I don’t like keeping secrets from you."

Her confused facial expression did things to him and he would have smiled if this wasn’t such a serious situation. 

"Since when are we all buddy-buddy?" Her gaze penetrated his, blue eyes spurring him. He took a deep breath, regulating himself. Her words stung him slightly. 

"Well, I figured since we were together for a while, we trusted each other now." 

Bass didn’t like the way his heart stuttered at the way he phrased his sentence. 

Charlie chuckled. “I guess. You’re kinda on and off.”

He smirked, then frowned. “I don’t know how to say it then just say it.” 

Charlie smiled slightly, and rested her back against a tree. Bass watched as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, 


Bass took in a deep breath. “I slept with your mom.” 

Bass watches as Charlie’s gaze flicks up, her jaw tensing. Yet, her face remained impassive. There was something about her eyes that had happiness filling his soul. 

"Really?" Her voice was unbearably teasing. 

Bass nodded. 

Charlie chuckled. “Maybe that’s why she hates you so much.” 

Bass scowled. “Is that all you have to say to me?”

Why wasn’t she angry? Why didn’t she want to kill him? Why didn’t she punch him in the face? Why didn’t it bother her? It should bother her. It should bother her like it bothered him when he found her with his son. 

"Uh..yeah. Are you trying to get back at me for sleeping with Connor?" 

Bass’ jaw tightened. “No. I just thought I should tell you.”

Why doesn’t this bother her? An anger swelled within him. Why doesn’t she hate him?

"Why aren’t you angry with me? Why aren’t you trying to kill me?"

The teasing look on her face left as quickly as it came.

"Why should I? What you did with my mother is none of my business. There was no reason for you to tell me."

Of course there is! His body declared mutiny. He wanted to prove that he told her because he wanted her to trust him. He didn’t want any secrets between them. Didn’t she feel the same?  

His anger rolled off of him and he stalked towards her. Charlie had never looked more anxious. She pressed her back against the tree she’d been resting on. Bass imprisoned her with his arms against the tree and glared at her. Their faces were barely a few millimeters apart. 

"There is a reason. I don’t like keeping things from you. I didn’t like watching Connor stare at you like a piece of meat. I didn’t like watching you and him all cute. I didn’t like watching Jason drool over you as he came back into your small circle of non-existent friends."

A sarcastic smirk crossed his face and Charlie simply gazed at him as he continued to vent out his anger. 

"So yes. There was a reason for me to tell you. And there are many things that bother me when it concerns you. And I would hope that you would trust me in the same way that I trust you."

Charlie sucked in a breath, and Bass found his face inching closer. Too close, but his body didn’t have the energy to move. 

"So you want me to be angry with you." 

Bass was no longer focused, his gaze drawn to her lips, but he managed a curt nod. 

"Because you slept with my mother."

Again, he nodded, and as he did he drew closer. 

"Like I slept with Connor." 

He paused. His eyes searched her expression. She wasn’t bothered by him being so close. Instead it seemed like she said that to anger him. And it worked. A deep, angry emotion filled his veins. 

He thrust his face forward, lips clashing against hers. They molded together, his tongue working its way past her lips and she moved to meet him halfway. 

One hand rested against the rough bark as the other moved down the curves of her body, resting on her hip and bringing them closer. 

He moved away first, resting his forehead on hers and staring at her. He smiled at her dazed expression. Charlie’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled lazily up at him. 


He hummed in acknowledgment, the hand he rested against the harsh bark moving forward to stroke the softness of her cheek. 

"You want honesty?"

Bass nodded, his thumb stroking a path on her cheekbone. Charlie closed her eyes and leaned into his palm. 

"I slept with the wrong Monroe."

He chuckled, gathering her into his arms. 

"You just realized that?" 

Charlie shook her head and grinned. “No. But I decided I might torture you for a bit more.”

He smiled. Being honest brought him the best thing he could ever ask for. And he would never do it any different. 



comic con 2013

could they be more adorable together?  um, no

sebastian monroe looking flawless in 2x22

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